American Idol Recap Season 8 Wednesday, May 12th, 2009

One contestant is eliminated; Katy Perry performs; former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks performs.

Alicia Keys introduces Noah a kid from Rwanda who is an aspiring rapper. He is too cute!

So the 3 boys are left, Danny, Adam, and Kris. Last year David Cook won and it seems like the boys are on a winning streak. This is going to be a hard one. I like them al actually, but I don’t know if I would honestly buy any of their albums. Yeah, that’s kinda sad to say, but they don’t make my type of music. Oh well…

Danny went home to Milwaukee to his home town and the crowd goes crazy coocoo for him. I love his back story. It’s so sad yet so inspirational. I don’t know what I would do in his situation. Some crazy lady ran after his limo with a pink boa and some pajama pants. LOL That’s how serious it is out there. He reunites with his firend Jamar who also auditioned with him but unfortunately did not make it to the live show. What a bummer! It would’ve been awesome if the 2 of them could have made it this far together. He sang “You Are So Beautiful” and the judges loved it! Simon called it a masterpiece! Whoa!

Kris goes back home to Arkansas and of course the ladies go wild. He’s a cutie pie. I love his take on the songs he performs. He performs at his college, the University of Central Arkansas. He’s seems down to earth and seems like a genuine guy. His dad can’t stop crying…LOL.. Kris sang Apologize by One Republic but received mixed reviews. They wanted him to make it more of his own. He also sang Heartless by Kanye West and did a good job, but I didn’t think it was better than the original like Randy said. I give Randy a thumbs down for that..LOL

Adam goes home to San Diego and gets the red carpet treatment rock star style. He shows the weather lady how to put on eyeliner and some old dude was like please sign my shirt! OMG! lol. He visitn the Metropolitan Education Center where he used to perform as a kid and also gets a day named after him. He sang One by U2 and Cry by Aerosmith and got rave reviews on both songs.

So who goes home and will remain to compete in the Finale? Drum Roll please………..

Kris Allen was called first but why did everyone seemed so shocked? And of course Adam poor Danny has to go back home to Milwaukee. Aww….we’ll miss you!! Good luck to you in everything you do.

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