What Really Happens In a Caesarean Section Procedure?

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A lot of pregnant women are asking what really happens during a ceasarian section.  Below is my experience when I underwnet one.

-Eat a normal meal the night before your operation, for it is not allowed to eat anymore on the day of the actual operation

-Remove all makeup. nail polish, body piercing, contact lenses, jewelry and hair pieces.

At the hospital:

-You will be asked to put on the hospital gown

-If the husband/partner is allowed iinside the operationg room, he is asked to put also the hospital gown and be sanitized.

-Check all your vital signs.

-Check the baby’s vital signs.

-Trim your pubic hair

-Administer anesthesia, depending on what kind of anesthesia your prefer.

-Insert the catheter to empty your bladder

-Start the operation.  The cut may be vertical or horizontal depending on your case or the baby’s case or whatever your request

-The baby will be taken out

-Hospital staff will clean the baby

-Baby will undergo his first check up – monitoring vitals signs,getting his weight and measurement

-He will be wrapped in a blanket and will be given to the parents as long as he is medically stable.  Otherwise, if he has complications he will be headed to the nursery room

-He will be given a name band.


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