Is he a keeper?

Have you ever wondered what qualities make up the perfect mate? Have you ever asked yourself “is he the real deal?” I have discovered 20 signs that will assure you that he’s a keeper!

  1. He’s trustworthy and has complete trust in you.
  2. He’s honest and doesn’t keep anything from you.
  3. He holds doors and opens doors for you.
  4. He either finishes you sentences or knows exactly what you’re thinking.
  5. He goes above and beyond to make you happy.
  6. He gives you a promise ring without it ever coming up in conversation after a few months.
  7. He motivates you and believes anything is possible.
  8. He is goal driven.
  9. He’s confident but not cocky.
  10. He constantly compliments you and calls you beautiful more than hot or sexy.
  11. He’s a very likeable person especially with friends and family.
  12. He remembers even the smallest details.
  13. He’s not controlling and lets you feel independent.
  14. He can always make you smile or laugh when you want to cry.
  15. He can admit when he’s wrong.
  16. You could have just woken up with no make-up on and he still thinks you’re beautiful.
  17. He has things in common with you or if not, then he’s open to try new things.
  18. He is smart, strong and sexy. 😉
  19. He has a sense of humor.
  20. He knows how to manage his anger.

I’m no relationship expert but if these 20 things listed here made you think of your significant other then he may very well be a keeper. There’s a good 95% chance.

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