Singapore Hotels – Making the right choice

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Singapore is not only famous for being the epicenter of the economic, cultural and educational activities in United States.  It is also famous for its numerous festivals that occur round the year.  The dates vary from time to time as they are determined on the basis of the lunar calendar. Lion and dragon dances and Chingay Procession are famous among the festive celebrations in Singapore.  To top it all there is the arts festival which is the biggest in South East Asia.

If you are interested in observing these celebrations, you will require staying some days in Singapore.  In such case you will be looking for a hotel befitting your standards, requirements, and budget. However you will have multiple options open to you and it can become a really daunting task selecting the best of the hotels there.  Yet empowered with information on them and what they offer, your task could be significantly easier.

Choice of food and dining

One of the major considerations for you in selection of good hotel would be food and beverages.  People of Singapore are fond of eating and the island has a world wide reputation of providing good food and beverages to visitors.  There are several restaurants that are top class and provide delicious food and beverages.  Your concern would be hotels that have their own restaurants as you may not like to roam out in search of quality restaurants.

Most of the quality hotels in Singapore also provide cuisines for their guests.  These include Indian and Chinese dishes.  There are also local and traditional dishes for you.  The best part of it is that the local Food Inspectors and health controllers are very strict and they keep a close vigil on the hygienic and qualitative aspects of the food and beverages in the hotels, restaurants and elsewhere.  You may not worry on that count as the food and beverages in these hotels are top class.

Hotels are the popular choice of tourists

Hotels normally are the most popular choice for the tourists in Singapore. The advantage is that you have luxury, economy, and budget hotels in Singapore catering to your requirements. The prices are in the range of $160 to $600 and you can choose one basing on your budget.

Other considerations are nearness to market and railway station, bus terminal, and air port.  There are several hotels including luxury as well as budget hotels that conform to such requirements.  Most of the hotels provide all modern amenities including broadband access to the Internet.  However, some of them could be too expensive for your comfort.  Instead you could opt for hotels that provide adjoining Internet Café for the purpose.

Hotels are better than service apartments

You might be opting for service apartments instead of hotels in Singapore looking for economy or longer stay.  However, they do not provide the facilities and conveniences available in the hotels. Moreover, luxury is affordable in Singapore.  Even five star hotels are normally available at under $300 per day.  Your trip and vacation would be full of tantalizing experiences in Singapore when you decide to stay in one of those Singapore hotels.


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