Make a Christmas Organizer

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but they also can be just a tad stressful at times.  One way to help make the holidays less stressful is to be organized!  Making a planner to help you keep on track is one way of doing this.

First decorate the front.  This will help you get in a festive mood and make the project more interesting.  I suggest using pattered scrapbook paper and stickers, but there are tons of ways you could decorate it.  Some other ideas would be to use family pictures, use old Christmas cards, have a child color a picture, or cut a picture from a magazine. However you decorate it is fine, the important thing is that it makes you want to use your planner.

After the front is done, then you need to figure out what you want to put in it.  This could be any number of things.  Some ideas are: a cards register, weekly or daily organizing plans, a to do list, a what to buy list, a sizing list for family members, a gift buying list, a gift making list, list of stocking stuffers, a party planner, a budget, decorations guide, holiday traditions page or a house cleaning plan.

Next, after you consider what you need, you need to find a version that will work for you and print it out. There are places you can get forms for free and some that can be bought inexpensively.  I will include a list of sites at the bottom of this page.

Now use the 3-hole punch and put the pages in you binder. It is ready to use!


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