How to Treat Damaged Hair

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There are a myriad of ways on how to treat damaged hair without boring a hole through your pocket.  Restoring and treating your dry hair back to its shiny, bouncy state doesn’t require much money. Try these tips to regain your crown of glory.

1. Don’t wash hair daily. Shampoo every other day. Washing hair daily will deplete hairs of natural oils.

2. Refrain from constant blow-drying. Heat from blow-drying can damage the hair.

3. Don’t comb or brush dry hair when it’s wet. Dry hair is easily broken when wet. Let the hair dry naturally before combing it.

4.  Mild Shampoo. Constant shampooing with harsh shampoos can strip the hair of nutrients. Alkaline shampoos with pH above 6.5 should be avoided. Choose shampoos that have 4.5 to 6.5 pH.

5.  Use Conditioner. If the hair shaft is dead, conditioner cannot bring it back. What it can do is simply to coat the hair making it appear shiny.

6.  Wear bathing cap. When in the pool, use bathing cap because chlorine coupled with the sun can aggravate dry hair.

7.  Have a healthy diet. Too low in protein and fat is detrimental to hair. Monitor protein and fat intake so that it won’t drop to unhealthy very low levels.

8. Hot oil treament at least once a week. Heat olive oil in microwave and apply to hair for 20-30 minutes. Rinse then shampoo.

9. Stay away from hair dyes and hair bleach. Bleach can worsen dry hair. It could cause extensive breakage. Use henna instead of bleach.


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