December Diets: Lose A Few Sizes Between Thanksgiving And Christmas

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Eating at Thanksgiving and at Christmas can be a dieter’s nightmare.  Constant temptation and tradition and emotion all wrapped up with a pretty bow on it, huh? What can you do? Should you ruin your holidays by fending off temptation? Or, should you roll with it and make up for the bad behaviour at the New Year when just about everyone and their brother is resolving to lose that spare tire?

Holiday Dieting Tips

Option #1:  Avoid everyone and all social situations.  After all, being thin and lovely is everything, right? Wrong! Don’t ruin your holidays. Enjoy them but maybe with just a little bit of restraint.  Eat what you like but at smaller portions or join a gym and work out an extra day a week so you don’t go too far off schedule.

Option2: Diet between Thanskgiving and Christmas. There’s a window of a few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas that are a great time to sacrifice and diet. This way, you can enjoy both holidays and still do a bit of damage control in the middle.  Then January 1, go back on your diet wagon.

During those few weeks in the middle, you might consider doing the calorie shifting diet.  This is a diet that has many rave reviews of 7-10 pounds lost in 11 days. The diet tricks your metabolism by having you zig zag and vary your caloric intake greatly and by giving you a specific diet menu to follow that releases fat burning hormones.  Also, you’re eating 4 meals a day on this diet instead of 3 so your metabolism works much harder and helps you avoid the weight loss plateau.  This diet can be done at any time of the year but doing it in early December can be helpful because:

1) You’ve gotten Thanksgiving out of the way

2) You’re going to be busy for a few weeks shopping and living before the real festivities hit.

3) This diet works in 11 day rotations with 3 day cheat periods in between so this can even time well with some holiday parties.

Consider doing the diet around November 27 would look like:

November 27-December 7: 11 day calorie shifting diet (7-10 pound weight loss)

December 8-10: 3 Cheat Days

December 11-21: 11 day calorie shifting diet (7-10 pound weight loss)

Then you’re free for December 22-December 31 to enjoy the holday eating.

Learn more about tricking your metabolism with the 11 day calorie shifting diet at


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