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Elections are on the move in India once again. After the timid governance (read non-governance) of Congress, the communalist (read pro-hindu) BJP and communist (read stubborn) Third front claim to be better contenders for the 545 or so hotseats inside a house which was attacked by some terrorists a few years back. The terrorists have not been hanged because of Human Rights Issues (read the virtual pro-muslim attitude of congress) but at the same time, they want Varun gandhi hanged (again read the same). Hypocrisy could not have been better than this in India.

BJP people have gone stupid talking about cutting hands of those who hold them against Hindus. Why are they doing it? Why do they want to evoke talibani and terrorist sentiments? Those fuckers will come again and make a scene out there in some TAJ hotel. Why should BJP give ticket to a Doctor in Gujrat who is accused of reusing the syringes which finally led to an epidemic outbreak? Really stupidity rules the grey matter inside the heads of some top leaders. Ram mandir issue? Just imagine this: there is a temple in mecca and a temple in rome. Both exactly at a place where masjid and church respectively were supposed to be. Then i wud ask any true Christian or Islami how wud he have behaved. Its so embarrasing that i enter Ram mandir everyday and as i come out of it, i accept a masjid in ayodhya. Poor parents of mine, who taught me whole Ramayan, they forgot to tell me that Hindus are most gullible, docile group and the ones supporting it will be called communalists.

So u mean congress is not communalist?? Boys and gals, think over again. I will adduce enough proof here and now, to prove otherwise. How many proofs do u want?? Here is a single one, and its sufficient for all those who are ‘rational creatures’. This proof is divided into three sentences, and together they prove who is what:

1. Of the 55 Islamic countries, not one, barring India, extends Haj subsidy because “Haj is not a state prerogative.” Though Pakistan had this subsidy till 1997, the Lahore High Court passed an order to discontinue it. They generate money for the pilgrimage after investing the deposits of intending Hajis.

2. Demanding an end to the subsidy, Maulana Mehmood Madani, Rajya Sabha member and general secretary of the Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind, says “It is against the Shariat to be under any kind of obligation while undertaking Haj. According to the Quran, only those Muslims who can afford the expenses should perform Haj. It’s recommended only for adult, financially able and sane Muslims.”

Others like S Q R Ilyas, convener of the Babri Masjid Committee and a senior member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), call the Haj subsidy “a sop to gain political mileage.”

I dare Congress to stop this if it comes to power next time.
BJP?? No they wont do. They are atleast clear on their stand. They are Pro-Hindu but not necessarily Anti-Muslim. By the way, Afzal wud have been hanged by now if he was Varun Gandhi, Advani, Muthalik or Narendra Modi (just read Hindu!)

But who wins a rational debate? The few percent people in India who, irrespective of their religion, are rational enough to understand what is right and what is wrong.

I wud have luved to know what wud have been the response of Congress towards Mr. Jarnail Singh’s cowardly (read audacious) act had it not been election time.

I know Khalistan and i remember Golden Temple and operation blue star….but if we go by the same way…all the good rational muslims will be swiped off India just because all terrorists are muslims (by default).


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