How to Treat Burns

People get burned from sun, radiation, heat and fire can be a very painful experience. Burns vary depending on the severity. It is categorized into three degrees – first degree being the least serious and third being the most critical.  It is important to have knowledge on how to treat burns because accidents happen sometimes and cannot be avoided.  Burns worsens quickly if not treated. To know some tips and treatments will help you a lot from further damage that may cause serious problem.

1. Dont panic. You have to think calm and  do your job to cope with the pain.

2. Knowledge of three degrees burn is an advantage because you have an idea of the severity of the burns and the complication that could result in serious consequences. First degree burn is mild. Sunburn is a very good example.  Second degree burn, boiling water and blister-causing oven are very good examples. Third degree burn is when there is prolong exposure to incredible amount of  heat like house and car fires.

3. Over the counter pain relievers can help ease pain. Apply aloe vera ointment, fresh aloe vera if you  have some, or a commercial burn cream.  

 4. Cool the burn area to prevent further damage which could  lower the  temperature of the skin.  Run cool, not cold, water over burned  area for at least  15 minutes.

5.  Place a dry gauze bandage over the burn and attach it to the healthy skin with medical tape.  Change this dressing every day at least once and after every time it gets wet.  Keep free of dirt,  and away from direct sunlight.

6.  Seek Doctor or go to hospital right away if you have third degree burn.

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