Why hockey pucks are frozen

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Have you ever been to a hockey stadium to watch any of the NHL matches? If you had been there, then you would probably know why hockey pucks are frozen.

If you had never watched an ice hockey match, may be you should try and get a ticket for one of the NHL matches on weekends. Just watch the puck that gets battered with hockey sticks. Those pucks are the frozen ones.

Why hockey pucks are frozen? That’s what you should try and figure out. There’s a bit of science that goes along with it.

It is widely believed that frozen pucks do not bounce. On any ice hockey matches pucks are frozen before a match to ensure pucks do not fly around the stadium.

Frozen pucks are less likely to bounce off the ground, or off the hockey stick. You would notice quite a large number of pucks that are kept frozen during NHL matches.

These pucks are then thrown at the ground to replace the earlier played pucks.

The ground rules of any ice hockey matches require that hockey matches need to be played by frozen pucks. As soon as the frozen effect from the puck goes away, it is immediately replaced by another frozen puck.

That’s how the game is being played.

Hockey pucks are frozen to make the game safer and interesting. Pucks that are not frozen before a match would tend to bounce a lot, making it very difficult for the players to control the puck. Bouncy pucks, again, would be dangerous from the player’s perspective.

In ice hockey, pucks are hit with great speed and power. Imagine your favorite hockey player being hit on his body by high flying pucks at great speed. He would risk injury to his body if pucks are not kept frozen.

Then you have the crowd that swell on each match days. What about their safety?

You should know how pucks are made of? Pucks are made of vulcanized rubber. It’s heavy and weighs about 6 ounces. Pucks are 1 inch thick with a diameter of 3 inches.

Now if those pucks are not frozen before the match commences, then the bounce might make puck fly right into the crowds. A hit by a hockey stick would make a puck land somewhere in the stands.

Spare a thought for those fans that had spent their money and time to turn out for hockey matches. If one of those fans get hit, it would be very unfortunate.

Frozen pucks are therefore the best option to play hockey with.

A frozen puck stay on the ground, protect players from getting injured, ensures safety of crowds, and finally help players to control the puck more efficiently.


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