How to Prevent Lower Back Pain

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 Lower back pain happens when there is misuse or overuse of the back muscles in activities you’re not used to, like lifting heavy things. Lower back pain could be due to injuries-muscle strain or spasm, sprains of ligaments (which attach bone to bone), joint problems or a “slipped disk.”  To help you prevent and cope with lower back pain, here are some tips :

 1. Protect your back while lifting objects. Keep in mind that n in your mind what’s the best way to lift  in front of you. Don’t force to lift an objects which carries more weight than your strength requires.  

 2. Move about to stay comfortable, avoid static postures. Like sitting you have to protect your back,  always sit straight and use lumbar support if you intend to sit long periods. When you stand, maintain correct posture such as your ears, shoulders, knees, and hips should be in line with one another.

 3. You can apply ice pack to lower back, best if applied for acute pain within the first 72 hrs.

 4. Exercise programs like aerobics can help reduce the recurrence of lower back pain. It can keep your back healthy and strong.

 5. Maintain a healthy weight to avoid excess strain on your lower back. Being healthy is very important because it can  reduce weight-related diseases. Even if you carry some extra weight, by eating healthy and getting plenty of physical activity, you feel better and have more energy.

 6. Quit Smoking. Increase risk of bone loss ( osteoporosis ) and sensitivity to pain are due to smoking. Prevent this predicament by quitting smoking. 


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