Making The Best Of Your WoW Character

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There are ways to make your character the best it can be.

lg.php?banneridIn the game of World of Warcraft you can design your character to meet your specific qualities, things you want that character to know, learn and be able to do. But there are things that certain classes and even races do better than others and ways to make that character the best that they can be.

There are certain ways to play each class such as fighting style, professions and more. It is possible to make your character the best it possibly can be and others wanting to group specifically with you.

First things first your skills and talents. Each class has different talents one can use their talent points on after level ten. What you spend those talent points on is crucial; for example a rogue may need talent points spent in subtly (stealth) before any of the others.

How you spend those points can make a big difference in how your character fights and how monsters react to you. Some of the skills or spells in combat can be used as combinations to get the best you can out of them. For a priest you can buff yourself, and pull a monster using a shadow spell and then attack it.

Along with knowing your skills and talents is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. You need to know what your abilities are in and out of battle. A warlock doesn’t have high melee capability so they shouldn’t depend on melee as a big part of their defense, but could use it as a combination with their spells and minions. Because they can summon a minion it helps take some of the damage off of the character. If you have a low amount of health or are a magic user don’t be the tank of the group or pull monsters to the group stand back and assist with spells.

Now being in a group can be crucial to game play for many reasons. They can help you level and complete harder quests, but they can also develop friendships inside and out of the gaming world. Don’t attack things willy nilly. If you are a hunter you are able to mark a prey with your arrow and allow other group members to see what monster the group will be going after next.

Work as a team, priests and druids can heal and give buffs and cause some damage with some spells, while rogues can back stab and warriors can fight to their hearts content. Don’t be a greedy little thing and allow other members to get to loot a dead creature. If you happen to pick up something they could use for their profession trade for something you may need or give it to them out of the kindness of your heart.

Quests are another big part of leveling within the game. They can also get you rare items and recipes or patterns you can use for your profession. When you are going to do a quest don’t just run to where you need to go and back, but kill things along the way. This can help you level and get you more money, items, food. It will help increase your attack power as well. You will also get the hang of maneuvering your character during battles so that you will get hit less often and come out the victor more often.

I have mentioned professions a few times. Those can even help a character be the best they can be if you choose certain ones. In my own opinion I think a character’s profession should coincide with their class. A priest, druid, or mage could be an herbalist and an alchemist because alchemists use plants that herbalists gather to create potions for healing, defense, mana (what magic users use) and more. Hunters could be skinners and leather workers.

There are so many ways a person can improve their character’s chances to be the best they can be and as powerful as they can be. It’s the way you use your skills, talents, profession and self that determines how powerful you can be.


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