Fourth of July fireworks in Orange County, California

If you live in Westminster, fireworks show is free at the local Park and High School like Westminster High School. You can get there early for good seats and parking. The parking lot will be crowded so you should car pool or walk there if possible. You can also bring water and warm clothing if it’s in the night time. It can get cold. If you live in Huntington Beach, you can catch the fireworks at the beach. You should walk there or carpool. There will be little parking left so you might not be able to park near. You can get your car towed away if you park in the wrong spot. Every year, they towed away many cars because people think that they won’t get towed. It can be weary to come back and have your car towed away. It’s costly too. Fireworks are displayed at the Huntington Beach pier. You can catch the fireworks from the pier or on the beach. If you drive along the PCH, you can also see fireworks show at the other beach too. Fireworks can be seen even when you’re looking out your window if you live near one of the zone that have the show.

If you live in Anaheim then you can catch great fireworks at Disneyland or downtown Disney. Disneyland is a famous location where people celebrate Fourth of July. When you’re driving down the road in your neighborhood you’ll also see signs of where fireworks are displayed in your neighborhood. If you live along the coast or if you enjoy the beach then you can head down to the beach and you’ll be able to catch a great show there during the night time. Another fireworks show is held at Peralta Park. It’s an annual event with concert, breakfast, food and games, live entertainment and ends with fireworks. It’s located at Peralta Park and Canyon High School. The address is 115 n. Pinney, Anaheim, CA 92807.


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