7 ways to keep our lives balanced

Keeping our lives balanced in this hectic modern world can be a challenge.

From the moment we are rudely awakened by the alarm clock to the time we eventually manage to collapse into bed at the end of another long day, our sensed are bombarded and our brains and bodies are in overdrive.
For most people the pressure to perform and the stress caused by the demanding world we live in can cause us to burn out and succumb to illnesses that can be avoided if we just took the time to include simple measures to make our lives more tranquil and bring back the balance needed for a healthy body and mind.

1.    Throw away your alarm clock. Being rudely woken by the bleeping sound of an alarm clock in the morning, especially during the dark winter mornings can really set you off on the wrong footing for the day. After all it is not a natural way to wake up. Why not invest in a sunrise simulator instead? Wouldn’t it be much nicer to be woken from your blissful slumber by a simulated sunrise with maybe the sound of swishing waves or birds singing softly rather than a horrible electronic bleep?

2.    Do not skip breakfast. As the old saying goes, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. A healthy nourishing breakfast will provide your body and mind the fuel it needs to run on top form.

3.    Cut back on the caffeine. We love a cup of the black stuff to kick start our day but coffee has the same effect as stress does on our bodies. Topping up our caffeine levels all day long will keep our minds and bodies in a constant state of stress. This as you can imagine causes us to feel mentally and physically unbalanced. Why not swap coffee for green tea? It has the boost without the jitters and is full of antioxidants and as some amazing health benefits.

4.    Use affirmation throughout your day. Tell yourself that you can achieve what ever you put your mind to achieving. Thinking positive thoughts replacing “ I Cant” with “I Can” and you will be amazed at how your brain will adapt to adopting this new positive mindset.

5.    Meditate. Meditation is proven to help centre the mind and relieve stress, anxiety and even depression. Our brains are bombarded with a constant stream of new information throughout the day from TV, adverts, newspapers and other people to name a few and meditation provides a time for the brain to relax and focus and to re-balance itself.

6.    Feed the body healthy food.  A healthy diet and exercise will leave you energised and ready for life’s challenges.  Healthy body can cope better with stress and fight illness.

7.    Feed the mind. It is just as important to feed the mind with healthy content, as it is to feed the body with healthy food.  Remember that the brain is like a sponge and will absorb all the information you put into it so make sure it is healthy and nourishing.

These are just a few ways in which we can make our lives more tranquil and bring back some well-needed balance. It is time to take back our lives and look after our bodies and minds. A healthy body is no good if there is a sick mind. The perfect balance we must strive for is a healthy body and just as importantly, a healthy mind.

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