Spice Up your Love Life

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Do you need some spice in your love live? Are you and your mate living daily without any romance or intimate relations? Is your relationship boring or tedious? Are you desiring a hot passionate love affair with your mate that will take your breathe away?  Check out this article to learn tips on how to keep the passion burning in your relationship.

Set a side time for you and your mate to embrace, communicate, engage in sexual intimacy, and the night on the town. Make a private place just for the two of you to be in each other loving arms. Many couples make their bedroom that special place for their romantic adventures. Place romantic pictures of you and your mate in this room.  Take out pictures of the family or single people; put them in the family room or living room. The television and video games should be not inside the bedroom, which takes away quality time with your mate. Couples communicate better and are more intimate without these kinds of distractions. Utilize décor and furnishing inside the bedroom that emphasize romance and love. Children should not be allowed to sleep in the same bed with you and your mate, especially older ones. The bedroom should be free of clutter and neatly arranged which will keep your mind clear, bring the energy of serenity, and love. You might want to find new places, like the patio or terrace to glaze into each other eyes during the moonlight.

Make a date night with candles, dinner,  and champagne. Dress up and go to the theatre to see a play. Give each other a sensual massage to release tension and stress that would make you forget about your hectic crazy day. Put sensual edible lotion over each other bodies and blow gently to experience warm sensation. Try edible underwear as well and let your imagination run wild to feel endless erotic pleasure. Candles or incense burning give a pleasurable scent of romance and eroticism in the air.  Perform four play for prolong periods to discover new erogenous zones on your mate.  Try different sexual positions and role play, as long as it is safe and mutually agreed upon. Tantric sex would be a great example that connects your mind, body, and soul with your mate.

Discover your mate sexual peak time. You might enjoy sex at night, while your mate enjoys sex in the morning.  Meet each other half way to satisfy each other during sexual peak times. Be open and honest about your sexual relationship. You must also be very comfortable with your body. This will allow you to enjoy sensual lovemaking and endless ecstasy, which is one of the biggest road blocks in people’s sex life. Be sporadic, unpredictable, have fun and enjoy each other company.

Take care of yourself mentally, spiritual, and physically. Eating a proper diet, drinking water, and exercising will give you the energy and stamina for your mate. Maintaining your appearance is very important. Many people let their appearance go down hill. Keep yourself looking and smelling fresh.

Help each other with household chores, shopping, and childcare. This would prevent you or your mate from experiencing burnout, which can lead to a boring love life.  Appreciate the good things in your mate. Keep the lines of communication open, if not, the problems can end up in your bedroom. This establish trust and bonding with your mate, which allows you to give your mate the best of you. Write poetry and leave erotic or love messages on each other cell phones or on paper for your mate to see. Your mate will feel that he or she is still desirable by you.


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