About the Opera Browser for the DSi

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Like many portable devices, the new Nintendo DSi now comes loaded with a browser. The DSi browser is rather more advanced than conventional WAP browsers, the good folks at Nintendo have decided to add the Opera browser by default to the new consoles Nintendo DSi, then the Nintendo DS.

What is important is not the amount of extras that consoles can have. Due to its limited amount of RAM, the developers need to choose wisely what to put on the console. The Nintendo DS and its predecessor worked nice with 4 megabytes. That’s not much, but nothing bad would happened if at that time they added some extra RAM.

The web browser to the Nintendo DSi is the Opera 9.5. This is the latest version of the Norwegian browser. It aims to compete with their rivals not only on the desktop but also in all types of mobile devices. With a modern style it comes loaded with new features, in addition to the increased speed that has been achieved in this release, making it, for now, the fastest browser on the market, not only in rendering web pages, but also on its Javascript implementation, doubling the speed of version 9.2.

Regarding graph, often a weak point of mobile devices, we see that the changes just by starting the browser. It was redesigned, its interface is more modern and more functional. One of the most interesting of this version is the Opera Link, which allows us to synchronize our favorites, shortcuts and ‘how to’ notes in our browser. All this information will be accessible from anywhere where you use your Opera browser. That simply means that your Opera browser on your Nintendo DSi will always be updated to your Opera browser on your laptop, desktop or whatever. Have you ever forgotten the address of that page you visited? Now, you’ll find anything with the functions implemented in the browser. You’ll have the feeling that you’re always online and probably you’ll always be if you want to. That’s a great browser for our Nintendo DSi.


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