RuneScape – How to make money

RuneScape is a big game filled with hundreds of thousands of players. Interacting with other players is one of the big parts of the game. Socializing is one part, but trading is a bigger part of the game. To do trading, you’re going to need more money in your bank and the ability to make more when you need to.

You need to consider first what you are the best at doing. Are you the ultimate pker (player-killer)? or are you the best fisherman in all of RuneScape? Are your Wood Cutting skills better than all your friends? Find out the stat that you personally like the best, and get it higher. If your woodcutting level is higher than your fishing level, but you like fishing more, then just train your fishing level because it will help in the long run.

Personally, I like fishing the best. It required little work and the fish can be sold for so much. If you need help getting your fishing level up, check out my  Fishing Guide. I have mastered the skill of fishing with 99, and continued to fish until the day I quit RuneScape. An hour of fishing sharks, I would get 100-200 sharks an hour. This would make me about 200k an hour.

Skills are your biggest tickets to making money, you need to check your highest skill level and use that skill to get the recourses to sell and make money. Spend just a few days working on your skills and you can making several hundred thousand GP if you work hard enough. Say you are woodcutting, and only getting yew logs. If you manage to chop 500 in a day, you can make anywhere from 150k and up. Consistancy is the key, don’t just give up after an hour or two. If you devote just one week to skills, you can make so much money and get your skill levels up which will make money making go by even faster.

If you are good at pking, but bad at skills, then you should know what to do already. Bounty hunter, duel arena, and even try your luck at the fight pits. The most important thing you should listen to me on in this article is committing to what you are doing. Do not stop working when you think you are done. Work double triple or even quadruple the amount you needed to.

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