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When I first started playing World of Warcraft as a young Alliance Mage in my early levels, I struggled to make gold. I would try this scheme and that scheme but barely made enough silver to cover my bar bill at the Pig & Whistle. It was only upon discovering Valkor’s Gold Making Guide that I finally understood the secret to easy wow gold and quickly made enough gold for my first epic mount.

Valkor has been writing about gold making in the World of Warcraft for many years and was one of the first books I purchased on the subject. I’ve since gone on to write much more on the topic of the World of Warcraft gold economy, but Valkor’s guide was the first to simply layout the basics.

Unlike some tatty gold making e-books on the web that I could name, Valkor’s Gold Making Guide is a fully fleshed-out e-book, complete with a table of contents for easy navigation of the masses of gold making hints and tips which comprise 180 pages in the latest edition.

The guide starts with the basics of making gold with an overview of the Auction House. Rather strangely, Valkor splits this section in two places in the guide, which is a little strange, but essentially, all the basic facts are covered.

The guide then goes on to deal with the professions and Valkor does a nice job of covering the basics of making gold with both Primary (Skinning, Herbalism, Mining etc) and Secondary (Fishing) professions. Unlike other guides, Valkor’s Gold Making Guide covers in detail those items needed for ‘Profession Quests’. These items are always in demand and hence, can make you a ton of gold.

Now when you first start out playing the World of Warcraft in your lower levels, it can be quite hard to make gold. Many guides assume that you can happily grind away at elite level 50 mobs or solo instance runs to make gold which, of course, is impossible when you’re in your teens. Realising this, Valkor’s guide has a good section on low level gold making strategies that should see many players make enough gold for their first mount.

For more experienced players, Valkor’s Gold Guide has a huge section on some great grinding spots from the Badlands to Winterspring, which should satisfy both Horde and Alliance factions alike.

True to form, Valkor has kept his guide regularly updated and his latest guide has huge sections on both the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions.

I’ve written a more in-depth review of Valkor’s Gold Making Guide in my journal – just follow the links below.

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