Natural Remedies for Curing Dysentery

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Dysentery is one of the most common diseases found in many parts of the world. It refers to a condition which affects the large intestine and is characterized by a colic pain in the abdominal region, ulceration and inflammation of the bowel and passing of semi formed or liquid stools along with blood and mucus. This disease is common both in men and women.

There are two forms of dysentery namely acute and chronic. The acute form is characterized by diarrhea, dysenteric motions and pain in the abdomen. There is a discharge of yellowish white mucus and sometimes blood through the stools. There is also a feeling of pain before evacuating the bowels and in rare cases pus is also thrown out along with stools. The saliva and gastric juice become acidic instead of being alkaline and all the digestive processes become upset. The stomach loses its power to absorb and digest food.

Acute attacks are more often followed by chronic attacks and if not properly treated the patient’s general health gets disturbed as stools may contain blood and there is alteration of diarrhea and constipation. In severe cases there may also be a rise in the body temperature.

According to modern medical science the main cause of dysentery is a germ infection. However naturopathy regards eating of excessive amounts of flesh foods in hot weather which is not suited to the digestion of such foods to be the real cause of dysentery. Other causes include fatigue, lowered vitality, intestinal disorders and unhygienic conditions of living.

Nature Cure for Dysentery: The treatment for dysentery should first commence by putting the patient on a fast of orange juice and water as long as the acute symptoms are present. Buttermilk can also be taken during this period as an alternative to water and orange juice as it helps the establishment of intestinal friendly bacteria in the stomach.

Small doses of castor oil in the form of emulsion may be given to the patient as it lessens the strain during motion, facilitates quicker removal of toxic matter and also acts as a mild purgative and lubricant to the ulcerated surfaces. A very low pressure water enema may be administered daily during this period for cleaning the bowels.

The patient should take a diet consisting of curd, rice, fresh ripe fruits, especially banana, bael and pomegranate and skimmed milk. When some recovery is observed solid foods should be introduced gradually and carefully.

Foods such as tea, coffee, fleshy foods, white flour products, white sugar and alcohol should be avoided by the patient suffering from dysentery.

Certain home remedies have also been found beneficial in the treatment of dysentery. One such remedy is the use of pomegranate rind. About 50gms of this rind should be boiled in 240gms of milk. When one third of the milk has evaporated it should be removed from fire. It should be given to the patient in three equal doses at suitable intervals. This will offer a relief from the disease soon.

Bael fruit has also been found to be effective in the treatment of dysentery. The pulp of this fruit should be mixed with jaggery and given three times daily. To deal with the chronic cases of dysentery the pulp of unripe bael fruit mixed with an equal quantity of dried ginger can also be given with buttermilk.

Lemon is also very beneficial in dealing with acute cases of dysentery. The procedure is to take a few sliced and peeled lemons and they should be added and boiled with 240ml of water for a few minutes. After straining this solution it should be given to the patient thrice daily.

Other remedies found effective in the treatment of dysentery are to chew small pieces of onions mixed with curd and equal parts of tender leaves of peepal tree, sugar and coriander leaves.

Along with these measures the patient should take complete bed rest as any movement aggravates distressing symptoms and induces pain. Application of hot water bag over the abdominal area is also very helpful.

Thus we can say that natural and home remedies have been found to be very effective in the treatment and cure of dysentery.


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