Why I didn’t vote for the ANC

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It’s 1994 and I was going to be voting in South Africa’s first democratic elections encompassing all races in South Africa. I remember being interviewed by a foreign TV journalist and all I wanted was for free and fair elections and for peaceful elections. How young and naive I was.

April 1994 arrived, and the various political parties had been on the campaign trail for weeks, wooing potential voters with promises and lies alike. At the forefront of promise-makers were the officials from the ANC. Amongst the promises made were free houses with fridges, television sets, washing machines, stoves and fancy cars all going to people who voted ANC. Crime would be reduced, unemployment virtually reduced to zero, and everyone would have running water a free houses.

Unfortunately for the people of South Africa who were duped into these lies, most of them not in Parliament did not get these lovely gifts from the ANC, instead all they got was a steady decline in services, quality of life and safety. South Africa publishes on a yearly basis their country’s statistical data through their South African Statistical Services department. Followed below makes interesting viewing. We will be showing data pertaining to the promises made by the ruling party for the past 15 years:

Crime Statistics for the past 15 years (per year):

Murder: In 1994 reported and convicted murder stats were sitting at 25 965. In 2009 it has risen to 37 741. A 45% increase in crime. So that promise made has not been fulfilled.

Rape: 1994 stats were standing at 44 751. In 2009 it is standing at a shocking, unacceptable figure of 58 733. A 31% increase. Another promised not fulfilled.

Assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm: 1994 statistics place this value at 215 671. In 2009 it is standing at a shocking value of 270 082. Another 25% increase in 15 years of being in power.

Burglary at residential premises: In 1994 the figures showed it at 231 355. In 2009 these numbers had soared to a staggering 399 290, which is a staggering 72% increase in reported cases.

All theft not mentioned elsewhere: This is a catagory amongst the long list of crime types that are lumped together. This increased from 386 292 to a level of 430 655, another increase of nearly 12%.

Unemployment :

In April 1994, the unemployment rate was sitting at approximately 12%. As of March 2009, it has risen to a numbing 27,7%. In other words, more than 1 in 4 people are unemployed in South Africa at the moment.

Service delivery in the housing sector:

In the past 15 years, the ANC has increased the amount of houses with taps inside them from 45% to 72%. Electricity consumption has increased from 53% to 74%. (Of this increase, it is estimated that approximately 2 million people steal their electricity with illegal connections, often causing fires in informal settlements (yes, South Africa still has them, no free houses available yet…). Of course, with no more development in the national power grid, producing capacity and the insane policy of providing cheaper electricity to neighbouring African countries at a reduced rate, rolling blackouts crippled the economy at various times from 2007 onwards and has become a national joke in South Africa.

Jacob Zuma

Leader of the ANC and due to be inaugerated on the 9th of May 2009 as the next South African president. He was on trial for over 900 accounts of fraud and a charge of rape against him. All these charges against him were conveniently dropped two weeks before the elections of April 2009.

Likely Page Break All these reasons amongst others is why I did not vote for the ANC in the South African elections of 2009.
I am not affiliated with any political party in South Africa. These are comments I have made, that is reflected by many ordinary citizens of South Africa, and it’s time everyone stands together and reduces fraud and corruption in Africa. It need not be a way of life anymore.


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