Pork Recipes for your children

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This is a special recipe for children, as I have done for many times, I recommend and introduce to everyone here.

Any preparation of pork might be made made tasty and the children will not put us into trouble if a plate with pork item is placed before them. It is easy toprepare this item and the food substance is not only delicious, it is also one healthy food. Let me be humble to submit one preparation of pork for the children and it is one of the Mexicans.

Mexican Pork:


Pork roast, 1 Pound
Large bay leaves, 2
Onion, cut in chunks,1
Sesame seeds, tablespoons 3
Slivered almonds, Half Cup
Pumpkin seeds, Half cup
Green onions, one bunch
Cloves garlic, 4
Green chillies, mild, 3
Green bell pepper (capsicum)
Cilantro (coriander), 1 bunch
Ground cumin , tablespoons
Pork stock, 2 cups


Pork, bay leaves and onion are placed into a bowl and put water inside it. Now the content is boiled and again reduced the heat and simmered half of an hour till the pork is tendered. The content is covered then and simmered for 30 seconds. It is finally an nice broth. Now the pork is removed and cut into pieces.
Thus a lovely green sauce is readied and the whole is now to be poured into a big bowl.
Again, almonds and seeds are toasted in a blender and toasted almonds seeds and some stock pork are added. The sesame paste is added to the green mole and stirred with the pork cubes.

The preparation is to be served with Spanish rice and tortilla.

IN a word, , this is specially for children. if you like ,have a try…


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