Matthew Stafford a $78 Million Dollar Gamble for the Detroit Lions

When the Detroit Lions came to an agreement with Matthew Stafford and agent Tom Condon to take the quarterback with the #1 pick they put the future of this already struggling franchise in jeopardy. Throughout history 1st round quarterbacks are successful less than 50% of the time. Many Detroit Lions fans were outraged when Matthew Stafford was taken first overall and given a 6-year $78 million contract with nearly $42 million in guaranteed money. After all they have seen Andre Ware and Joey Harrington come through as highly touted NFL draft picks and watched them turn into colossal busts.

How many top companies would make someone straight out of the college their highest paid employee and throw them into the most important position? Not many but the NFL does it every year via the draft because the salaries are getting out of control. I’m not gonna blame Matthew Stafford what was the guy supposed to turn away the money. The Detroit Lions are gambling that he is a franchise quarterback and will turn this team around in the near future. If they are wrong then it’s likely gonna be another 5 or 6 years before they recover from this mess due to the contract ramifications.

It looks like Daunte Culpepper is gonna be the starter for the majority of the season with Matthew Stafford possibly taking over near the end of the year. The Detroit Lions know that the offensive line is a work in progress and that Matthew Stafford isn’t ready for the NFL yet so he will stay on the sidelines for at least this year. It must be nice to make $13 million a year to learn on the job in the NFL.

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