Britains Got Talent Superstar, Jamie Pugh

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There is probably another person who had recently auditioned in Britains Got Talent whom we can consider the most serious rival of Susan Boyle in winning the 2009 Britains Got Talent.  That would be Jamie Pugh with his winning piece “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables.  Have you noticed the common thing between the two?  Yes indeed, songs from Les Miserables are surely winnin pieces.

Although it is too early to tell if Jamie Pugh is the last “darling of the crowd” to be witnessed, he sure has the greatest potential in winning this year’s competition.  

As he took the center stage two days ago, his knees are definitely shaking because of his stage fright.  As a matter of fact, without him saying it, his actions are very obvious.  As he received the very positive comments from Simon, Amanda and Pierce, he was left speechless and had managed to respond only with just a deep sigh and was on the verge of crying his heart out.

Who is Jamie Pugh?

This 37-year-old guy works as a driver in a van and delivers pizza by night.  According to him there is more to this.  He wants to live his dream and that is through singing.  However, he needs to conquer his fear to achieve this.  Fortunately with him is his partner who never stops motivating him .  She was able to convince Jamie not to walk-out from the audition.  The divorce threat worked,eh.  Well, actually they’re not married so it will never happen, her partner Donna said.

Ten years ago, Jamie’s wife died of brain tumor.  They had a son named Callum who is now 13.  With Donna they  had Ethan, now 3.

Meanwhile, Jamie have become a Youtube superstar overnight.  This fame can be attributed to his 3-min amazing performance in Britains Got Talent.


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