Using Paid Member Sites to Your Benefit

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Having a paid member site of your own is one of the best way to earn money online. In this kind of member site, the people who are the member of your site pay you to have the information that you publish on your site. When you have your own paid member site, it is extremely important to have a password protected area for your members. Not only will this make your information seem more valuable but it will also entice members to join. The good thing about a member site is that it is not just limited to information. In fact, with your member site, you can give away such items as software, article, e-books, songs, videos etc. However, you must have something of value for your readers – something that your members would be open to paying you to receive. Think about the financial possibilities for a moment – Even if you have 500 customers willing to pay you $10 per month; you will earn $5000 every month. In fact, a paid member site is a great way to earn while you are not even working your member site. In essence, your paid member site is a passive income cash cow. You make money when you’re sleeping and when you’re not even working your business.

Just remember that paid member sites are a lot of work and you have to make sure that you provide up-to-date information for your paid subscribers and include information that is not available anywhere else. Keep the information current and always encourage your members to bring in more and more members. You may even want to offer existing members discounts and incentives (affiliate commissions) when they recommend your member site to others.

Sound good? Well, let’s now discuss how to make your paid member site valuable to readers. The first step is to choose a suitable topic or niche and decide what type of information you will provide to your members. Always search for “hungry markets” and try to solve a desperate problem. In addition, make sure that there are not millions of other similar and competition sites out there. Unless you have a very unique angle, you’ll be better off, getting into a less competitive niche.

Once you have chosen a topic of interest, you should spend more time on your site, developing it and making it better. Consult with potential clients and figure out the type of information that they need and then provide it. Consult with experts in the field and ask for their input. Visit online forums as well. By doing this, you’ll pinpoint really good topics that will be of interest to your readers and avoid non profitable ones.

Lastly, you will need to either purchase a member site script or hire a programmer to build one for you. Whichever method you use, make sure that you create a user friendly member site that you can update and manage effectively. After all, you want to spend your time managing your site and building relationships with your members instead of dealing with troubleshooting issues.

In conclusion, paid member sites are a great way to make a nice income. Just remember to put your work in beforehand and find a profitable niche that provides value to your clients. By doing this, you’ll create a great site that will bring you great profits. Good luck!


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