The Top Free Applications for the Apple IPhone

List of the Most Popular Applications for the Apple IPhone

With the launch of the new generation of iPhones in July, 2008, Apple has added the ability to download some really cool applications. From the application icon on the iPhone you can browse the available applications. While some cost money, there
are plenty of free applications available. Here is a summery of the top four free applications for the Apple iPhone.

Apple Remote

This application allows you to control iTunes via your wireless network. You can play songs from your playlists and stream them through your Apple TV if you have one, too. The album art is even displayed on your iPhone as the song plays from the speakers attached to your computer.


This is an application that allows you to use America Online’s instant messenger, AIM. You can sign in and see which buddies of yours are online and chat with them via instant messaging.


This application is better than the built in weather application that comes with the iPhone. It uses the location service to determine where you are and provided up to the minute weather including satellite images and cameras at various locations with real time feeds showing a live view of your location.


This is, by far, the best music application for the iPhone. Pandora allows you to stream music you like commercial free and at no cost. It’s like having satellite radio for your Apple iPhone, but Pandora is better than satellite radio because you create the stations. Simple enter a song or artist you like and Pandora will create a station with music from that artist and other artists that play similar music. What’s makes this application even cooler is that you can give each song a thumbs up or a thumbs down so that Pandora learns what you like and will play more of the type of music you like.

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