New Larger Screen Kindle?

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Amazon only a few months ago released the Kindle 2 a much needed update to the original Kindle. Right after the initially release of the ebook reader kindle 2 rumors quickly spread about yet another larger kindle device geared toward newspapers and text books.

The Kindle 2 which was a huge improvement over the original kindle is an amazing device for reading books, allowing you to carry literally thousands of books with you at any given time. Pretty much unlimited reading. When the first kindle came out people instantly thought of moving school text books over to the device. imagine the weight it could save people who need to carry tons of large texts books to classes. Not only could it save weight in carrying multiple text books but the kindle could also save millions of pages of paper from being printed and save thousands of trees. Brining a 3 inch text book onto a device that is only a few millimeters makes sense.

Not only can you read books on the Kindle but you can also download and subscribe to newspaper subscriptions. The only problem with this is that the newspapers people are used to reading are large and the transferring of the regular newspaper format down the the kindle which is the size of a normal book wasn’t the best. big-kindle-blur.jpg

These two problems could be solved on May 6th when Amazon holds a press conference that is suspected to release a brand new Kindle which is rumored to be larger and meant for text books and newspapers. Could this save the newspaper industry from the economic plum it in advertising revenue? The Kindle creates a new subscription based system for buying newspapers and an easy and cheap way to send out the paper also.

The biggest problem I see with a larger Kindle meant for reading newspapers and text books is the price. The Kindle 2 is already $350 and I cant imagine how much a larger version would costs and if anyone would buy it if it cost more then $350?


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