Unconditional love and creation

Unconditional love and the creation of reality is very real indeed.

The stuff I wrote about above is all part of the mind game or the ego game. You see ego and mind is synonymous because they go hand in hand. With mind we have to enter the game of the illusion we live in. This illusion has rules and laws that need to be considered all the time. Considering it all the time keeps it in the form that we perceive it to be. So therefore when you want to live in this illusion you have to have ego and mind operating at all times.

Brain is an illusionist. Your brain cannot see, taste, smell, feel or hear at all. It lives in a dark space inside your skull. The only reality it has is its interpretation of  what the five senses send to it. It interprets electrical energy coming through neural pathways and it creates a reality that it thinks is real. It is a filter. It will decide what is real or not based on what it believes. So thus it only sees what it believes. Nobody likes to hear that they have been deluding themselves all these years but there is some truth in this.

For most part what you think is real is real. I say for most part because there was a time when you really didn’t know what was real and your only knowledge of that reality was the knowledge given to you and the knowledge you built from that. Thus illusion built on the original illusion that you were given to believe. Ego is a fearful entity so it wants to cling to what is “real”. So once it has made up its mind on what is real it clings to it dogmatically. This is why reality appears to be the same all the time. You not only see what you believe you create what you believe.

Yes you are a creator like the lord God of your being that sent you here to experience its creation. You were born and you experienced reality in its marvelous splendor for a while. The world was purely magical and everything seemed to vibrate with a life of its own. Then as soon as you were able to communicate most of the intangible stuff, most of the improvable stuff was given to you to believe by those who claim to know. The moment you bought into what they told you, you became a co-creator of their reality. Now this is not so bad providing that their intentions are honest. But you had no way of knowing at the time what their intentions were and being the God that you are you innocently absorbed all the information and locked it into your mind illusion as “real”

We had to go through many illusions in life. We were disillusioned many times. The tooth fairy was not real. Santa Clause was not real. Communists were just as afraid of us as we were of them. The earth was not flat. The earth was not the center of the universe. UFO’s are real. The universe did not start with the big bang. History was a lie written by the victors as we slowly find out. Carbon dioxide is not the main cause for global warming in fact it is just a fraction of a percentage responsible. Matter is not solid. It’s made up of molecules. Molecules are not solid, it’s made up of atoms. Atoms are so far apart that matter is actually empty space. Atoms are not solid. They are made up of protons neutrons and electrons etc. To top it all off, when we went into atoms we discovered that the “matter’ in atoms are not matter at all, it was energy.

So gradually we have to get used to the idea that we really don’t know what we thought we knew all this time. The world as we know it is not. And yet many of us would still rather cling to these beliefs dogmatically because we are afraid the world might fall apart when we decide not to. We have built our whole reality matrix around some of these beliefs so why destroy our whole paradigm to break it up? We have spent Billions of currency globally to study and support these beliefs. Most people would rather support a known fallacy now than to admit that they have been spending money and resources on something that is not real. Scientist communities vote on reality. Did you know that? The Big bang theory was voted upon and the majority voters voted for the big bang.

We base much of our reality on proven science and we listen to the scientists who make democratic decisions on what is real and what is not. At first I felt betrayed when I learned this and then I almost fell of my chair laughing. Reality is a democratic agreement. Forget about reasonable doubt we have strength in numbers here. This is not far from the truth when you think of the collective co creation happening all the time.

So how then does one come to clarity through all this illusion? We have to become humble once more and realize that we really don’t know what we think we do  and then look again. We all heard the story of the first Europeans to reach South America but I would like you to imagine with me and to dramatize the story a little with what we know of people behavior.

When the European Conquerors came to visit the native South Americans the natives could not see the clipper ships out in the harbor. As long as they believed that they knew what reality is and that there were “no such thing” as clipper ships, they could not see them. So these men with their silver helmets that “appeared out of the sea” must then be the Gods they have been waiting for.  All the natives knew about the Gods that would return one day.

Since birth they were told the story of the Gods. The Gods came in their ships and established their society and they gave them all the knowledge they needed to build housing and temples. Then the Gods taught them about time, calendars and mathematics and how to farm and feed themselves. They gave them corn and domestic animals that they can use to feed the nation. They also taught them how to mine gold for the Gods and before they left in their ships the Gods decreed that all men will mine gold and hoard it for the day when the Gods return to come and fetch the Gold.

So Cortez landed and all the natives saw was what they “knew” to see. They saw that the “Gods” appeared out of the sea and everyone ran off to fetch the gold and bring it to them. They probably nearly sank Cortez’s ships with all the gold so Cortez realized that he will have to return later to get the rest. The natives could not see anything else because they dogmatically clung to the stories they were brought up on. 

Only the shaman was wise enough to say “I don’t know anything I cannot understand.” The Shaman was also a bit of a politician because he knew how many times he had to lie to his people to get them to behave politically correct. This kind of life made ones mind more open to looking at things because he knew that if he could get them to believe his lies so easily that they will kill for it there is also a probability that there are lies that he believes in so strongly that it appears real to him. So he kept an open mind.

So instead of creating his own delusion like all the rest of his tribe the shaman sat overlooking the harbor and looking at what reality really reveals to him. After a while the clipper ships “appeared” to him. So he went to the village and told them about this and they all thought he was on some pipe dream. A few of his followers really believed in his wisdom and went out to the harbor and sat there with him while he trained them to realize that they really don’t know everything. The moment they realized this and they stopped thinking, they also saw the ships.

That night back in the villages as they sat around their fires the ones who saw the clipper ships were telling their communities about it. The faithful people believed the ones who witnessed the clipper ships straight off, but then there were the undecided masses and between them was the most dogmatic ones of them all. The skeptics. Now the skeptics wanted proof. They already stooped believing in the Gods without proof and it made them somewhat bitter to what people like to believe so easily. Now that they think for themselves they became attached to their thinking and subconsciously they fear that reality could be something other than what they believe.

The skeptics then refused to believe this without proof and they too had many people who believed in their mental calculating abilities so the majority of the population was undecided. To get this army of Conquerors out of their land they needed to convince the masses about them and stand together. It was not possible to convince the masses while the skeptics were debating the reality of this. All this time the conquerors went around killing and raping the people and taking their personal gold that they used as amulets and attachments to remind them of their Gods. But the land was vast and the jungles were dense. There were not many witnesses of to what was happening because most of them were killed. The skeptics could not see the proof they were looking for.

On the odd occasion when they heard of some pillage they dismissed it as another conspirator trying to validate his claims. The lived so much in their ego identities that they decided they are not going to make fools of themselves. They didn’t want to go out to the harbor to look for something they know is not there. Those trusted ones who claimed to witness this must have been in some kind of trance set up by the shaman. It must have been their active imaginations.

Some of the skeptics went out to the harbor but they didn’t want to listen to the delusions of the old shaman who told them that they don’t really know everything. They went to prove that they were right and sure enough they didn’t see anything. So they returned and told their communities with credibility this time. “We know now. We did go out to the harbor and just as we suspected, its all a lie. There is nothing out there.”

Unfortunately for the natives this story has a sad ending. When the skeptics did eventually catch on to what was happening it was too late to save their people. Cortez and his army left in their ships with all the riches and supplies their ships can hold. Needless to say they had a profitable trip.

The mind is a powerful creative tool. It can literally create anything from nothing. When we all wake up to this power we can control not only our realities but the planet as well. We can become the guardians of this habitat of ours and serve and protect it against any kind of catastrophe. But we have to wake up to the fact and start small. Creating your own reality is a good first step. For people who fear anarchy I want you to know that creation and love runs together. When you are free to create and be whatever you desire, your love of everything that is will guide you to serve and protect it naturally.

So the mind will only see what it believes. What the mind believes could be reality and it can also be conditioned reality. Reality itself is the most wonderful beautiful thing you can imagine, but many of us cannot see that because we are looking with a mind that thinks it knows. Some of us had moments of reality. There were times when we realized we don’t know anything at all. Those where the moments between thinking. The moments between living the old paradigm and creating a new one. In those moments we experiences magic and magick. Unconditional love, joy , inspiration, creativity and creation are all here now. They are all part and parcel of reality staring us in the face all the time. All we need to see it is to realize that we don’t know everything that we think we do.

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