How to Plant Vegtable Seedlings

This article will focus on those who have new gardens with soil that has not yet been amended. This is your first time to plant vegetable seedlings and you need some basic advice on how to do your first planting.  This article assumes that you have already selected your planting site in a sunny area and have removed the sod from the garden. 

Step 1 First, you will need to amend your soil. When you are buying your vegetable seedlings, pick up a few bags of garden soil or top soil.

Step 2 Second, dig a hole that is about three times as large as the seedling.  Continue to break up the soil within the hole so that the bottom of the hole is loose dirt for at least six inches.  This will help to soften the soil to allow for easy root growth. 

Step 3 Third, fill the hole with the improved soil. Mix the improved soil with the original soil. Fill with water and make sure the hole drains within 10 minutes. If it does not, use the shovel to make more the hole bigger with more loose dirt within the hole. Mix with more of the purchased soil.

Step 4 Use your spade to make a hole within the wet dirt that is about the size of the seedlings rootball. Take the seedling out of its pot, loosen the dirtball gently, place into the hole. Backfill with the mixed dirt over the rootball. Water well. Place a label. Keep watered well throughout the season.

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