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As you know Motorola is one of the biggest cell phone manufacturing company in this world. I want to talk about it’s MOTORAZR XX model. It is a cool, sleek phone with a good edgy like finish. It is one of the flip model of motorola.
I like this phone because of it’s keypad, which feels just like touch pad. The keys are integrated with it’s body.
Another thing i like about this phone is that it is having dual display one is its main display and other is a mini display just below the camera of this pone, which helps you to take your own picture when you are alone.
The broadband-like speed of this phone makes it different from the motorola MOTORAZR V3.
Other features are just like motorazr v3. It is having a 1.3 megapixel camera, mp3 player, java supportable etc.
Another thing i observed in this phone is that you can charge your phone by connecting your phone to your computer’s USB port, because it is having the same port for charging and computer connectivity purpose.

Still this phone is having a smooth and sleek body with good display and other good features but it has some lacuna that is it is not having FM radio in this phone, which i don’t like about this phone.It is a great phone if you dont expect much from a phone and you want a sleek phone then it is a good phone for you.

These are the things i know from my experience because my brother is using this phone and in overal i will give it 8 from 10.


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