Kelly Clarkson pregnant

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     Is Kelly Clarkson pregnant or just gaining weight? After watching American Idol last night I knew right away people would be talking about Kelly Clarkson’s weight gain. Some are thinking

Kelly Clarkson is pregnant just because her bottom half looked much heavier. To set these rumors straight Kelly Clarkson is no where near being pregnant. The reason why Kelly has gained weight is because of her poor fast food junk diet. For months Kelly has been binging on croissants, burgers, fries, and fried chicken and not exercising after or before she eats.

When Kelly first started on American Idol she was an average woman with some great curves. Ok, she wasn’t skinny Minnie (size1), but her talent, fashion, and personality made her skinny so to say. Why do people have to put celebrities down just because they gain weight? Kelly Clarkson won for her talent not her weight. After Kelly won American Idol she went through many changes with her hair, fashion, and weight. At one point in Kelly’s life she actually did struggle with Bulimia for a few months until her family and friends found out. Was her Bulimia problem caused by peer pressure? Bulimia is an eating disorder, which some may refer it to binging. As far as I know there is no indication what causes it. I do know from friends who have suffered with Bulimia that stress, anger, sadness, low self esteem, and drastic changes in their life pushed them to the limit of having to lose weight. Peer pressure is the number one reason some women go through a Bulimia or anorexic stage. Kelly may not be Nicole Richie, but in my eyes she looks much healthier, prettier, and will out do many skinny celebrities with her rocking talent.


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