Emergency Preparedness Kits and Disaster Planning

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Emergency preparedness kits are recommended by the Red Cross and other government agencies. Over the last two decades, the number of natural disasters has increased drastically. By keeping an emergency preparedness kit in your home, car, or business, you increase your chances of survival during a major disaster. These emergency preparedness kits include items such as first aid kits, flashlights, emergency blankets, gloves, water, a radio, and other important items. To have it and not need it is a small price to pay than to need it and not have it. These kits can save you or your family’s life in an emergency. Another part of emergency preparedness is planning. Everyone in your family should know your emergency plan in the event you get separated. Things such as escape routes, and meeting places should be included in the plan, along with contacts and a means to maintain communication if possible. Also, include an out of state meeting place in the event of a statewide disaster.  This is a subject that many people try to avoid. I know many people do not like to think about these things. Many people think “this will never happen to me.”  Think again. In today’s environment, natural and man-made disasters can happen anytime, and anywhere. Usually, these events do not adhere to our schedules. Taking the time to plan ahead is the best way to be prepared. Be sure to get you emergency preparedness kit, and make you emergency plan today. Don’t get left in the dark. Plan, prepare, practice, and survive.

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