Georges Melies

           Georges Melies born December 8, 1861 was born in Paris, France where his family made their fortune making shoes, involved in theater and magic George became in gulfed in the idea of cinema and film mixed in with a little bit of theater magic.  It has been said that Georges has been considered as one of the first filmmakers to be as technically profound to the arts, and has also been considered for bringing about the use of what we all know now to be special effects to the cinema.  While trying new things and along with a number of tricks to deceive the naked eye on screen Georges had stumbled upon a variety of discoveries throughout the course of his career.

            Having been introduced to the media and its art form at such an early time, the opportunity of breaking new ground was inevitable especially for a man who started out doing magic tricks on stage.  Within an 18 year period Georges was able to create and direct a large number of film projects, some of which were short and some others were good lengths for the time in which he Georges lived his life.  In the year of 1904 however Georges was able to create and direct a film that really put him on the map and made him a famous name within the community of his country.  The film was titled “Le voyage a travers l’impossible” (The Impossible Voyage), and prior to that the film “Le voyage dans la Lune” (A Trip to the Moon) both of which brought interest to a genre we all now and recognize as science fiction.

            Making movies, whether they were shorts or feature length films Georges never stop doing what he enjoyed, with that he was able to inspire new filmmakers to push the edge and try and new things from time to time and not get caught and stuck in a rut that they could never find their way out.  The fantasy world held no boundaries and with the imagination and ability to make magic Georges Melies was able to make history and invent and create a world of cinema that no one could deny its importance. On January 31, 1938 the industry lost one of its shining stars and one of the creators of special effects.

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