Cricket- Favorite Sports Amongst Indians

Hockey is the National Sport of India however if we compare Hockey to Cricket it does not even get 5%of the importance cricket manages to get in India. Like every coin has two sides, this news is good for cricket players and as worse for hockey players.

In India, cricket seems to the favorite sports amongst Indians. The recent IPL venture has bought more glamour and money to the cricketing world and cricket seems to be growing by leaps and bounds in India.

Top cricketers in India are nothing less than million dollar gentleman with the amount of money being funded in the sports. Every international cricketer lives a lavish lifestyle with every expensive house and cars at his doorsteps.

Sponsors seem to be interested only in Cricket and not in Hockey which seems pretty much left out and unfortunately unnoticed. Most hockey players may not even own a house of their own and with the kind of attention cricket is getting from Sponsors; the future of any other sports except cricket in India seems pretty much bleak.

The IPL has invited many Industrials and Bollywood film stars like Shahrukh Khan to the cricketing limelight who do not want to miss from the income opportunities that cricket has to offer.

By now these big entries into IPL have proven that cricket is more than just a sports, it is a vast money making opportunity along with amass entertainment. No individual wants to stay away from it and that’s what has made this sport the favorite amongst everyone in India.

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