Recession With No Help

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We often find ourselves in situation with no help from our relatives and family members and to add to this the recession and the government seems to add fuel to fire.

The government measures taken seems to be too late till the time help reaches you and you need some immediate help until the next paycheck is cashed out. We often resort to friends and relatives during this period and if we are denied we feel hurt. The mental and physical stress adds up even more after being denied and we fail to realize that our friends and relatives are as much victim to the recession as much as you are and no help does mean that they have completely forgotten you.

By law of nature, every person is selfish and will look to satisfy his/her needs first before helping others. This does not mean that by not lending you loan when you needed it the most the person becomes a villain. At times the reason for denying the loan can be genuine. No relatives or friends are obligated to lend you money just because you are close to each other. The problem with lending money to your friends or relatives is that you will loose not only the money but also the friend or relative if the money is not repaid.

Although the person may have the intentions to repay, sometimes situation are out of our control and only good intention and no money cannot help the situation but worsen the matter in hand.


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