Keep Your Sunny Side Up, Tips Fro Getting More Out Of Life

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When you greet life with a positive and optimistic attitude, not only will you feel happier you will start to see improvents in every area of your life.

Nowadays we are constantly bombarded by the media with bad news, if you take everything you see, hear and read on board, you can soon become depressed and when you are depressed doing anything is difficult. Don’t let the news influence the way you look at life. Try to greet the morning with a thankful and positive attitude and this will affect your experiences all day long.

Your attitude influences your relationships, your successes and failures, and ultimately your whole experience of life. If you see everything in a negative light then you will find that the world gives back negative experiences and the whole thing becomes a vicious circle. Here are a few tried and tested tips to for keeping your sunny side up.

  • As soon as you realize you are thinking negatively tell yourself to stop, examine your feelings, if you are unhappy about a situation this can produce negative thoughts, which make you unhappy about the situation, ad infinitum.
  • Take a notebook or sheet of paper and write down the pros and cons regarding your thinking on a particular situation, subject or experience. If you cannot think of any pros then you need to use the following mantra, useful for anything that appears completely negative – “I am beginning to see (whatever the problem is) in a more positive way.” Repeat the mantra several times a day. Write it down next to whatever it is that is producing a negative reaction in you. 
  • Keep a thankfulness notebook. As part of your morning routine write down 3 things you are thankful for and do the same before you go to bed. Do this for three weeks, which is the optimum time to establish a habit in your life. People who do this find that they are able to be more philosophical about life and view their own situation more positively.
  • When you are getting ready in the morning, look in the mirror and say three times, I am looking forward to this day. At night say I am looking forward to tomorrow.
  • Try to remember that there are no real failures, just new learning curves.

If you apply these tips to your life and repeat the mantras/affirmations as stated, you will soon see that most of the time you manage to keep your sunny side up and feel more content with life in general. You will find that in time you are attracting more good things into your life.


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