Is MLM as good as its made out to be?

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Are you frustrated with MLM’s that pay tiny commissions?

My partner and me were doing MLM for the past 4 years, with one company we stayed with for 3 and half years then we decided to call it a day, then did another one for 6 months. Our highest ever check within both companies was only £550. We were both doing everything we were meant to be doing (which was hard work and not fun) but only getting paid tiny commissions. I was still working full-time in my job and my partner working part-time, and we were also looking after our 2 young children. Between us working about 35/40 hours a week in our MLM business.

Do you hate cold calling leads, putting flyers through doors, street surveys etc, etc?

At first we got out of our comfort zone to work our MLM business, started doing 200 flyers a day, 5 days a week, doing shop surveys, street surveys, putting postcards and pull tabs out, leaving a paper trail, started cold calling leads and approaching our family and friends, you name it we did it. Yes we created leads for our products and our biz op, but it was then we had to convert those leads into sales and downline. All we were doing was pleading people to buy our products and to join our business this was very draining.

Does your upline sponsor tell you that you have to pay for your leads?

Our upline at the time suggested to us to start using Google which sounded a good idea (with no training available for us) which we wasted a lot of money, and when we say a lot we mean a lot!! But we did not end there, again our sponsor said it would also be a good idea to pay for leads from vender’s who supplied x amount for us a month but at a large cost. All we were doing was getting in debt with our MLM business.

Now we always wanted to work from home, spend more quality time with our 2 children and sack our bosses, so we were still eager to find out if there was a way, plus we also didn’t want to end up in another MLM business. So we came across a ‘’NON MLM’’ online business called CarbonCopyPro

This is what we were looking for, all the training is there for you in writing and video tutorials. All you need to run this business is internet access, and best of all you are not PLEADING people to join your business. The business is fun and not draining. In 3 months time that day is coming, BOSS YOUR FIRED!!!

Sorry MLM I believe your time is up!!


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