Tips for selecting Singapore Hotels

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Many people like to live like the locals when they visit a new place or country.  They are mostly on the lookout for a home outside their home.  Others have varied choices.  Some like comfort, some desire modern facilities, some look for glimpses of the past and nostalgia, while still others look for economy.

Since its independence from British in 1963 followed by its separation from the Malaysian Federation in 1965 when it gained complete sovereignty, the Republic of Singapore has gradually evolved into one of the richest economies of the world. Trade, manufacturing and tourism are the three pillars of its economy.  Naturally this has resulted in a steady stream of visitors to the country.  These visitors looking for accommodation of their choice is a natural corollary to such situation. An attractive place for the multination corporations, it is the fourth largest center for foreign exchange trading in the world.

What the best hotels in Singapore has to offer

Despite rapid urbanization, most of the top hotels in Singapore have continued to maintain their link to the tradition and heritage while providing its visitors all the modern facilities. Most of them are also located close to the Grand Hyatt, known for its abundant beauty. 

When you reside in one of the best hotels in Singapore it not only offers you all the amenities but also the facilities to visit a number of places that are worth visiting. For example, there is the Botanic Garden, and art and craft shopping complex that are two of the most popular and visited sites in Singapore.

Singapore hotels are good for relaxation as well as business

Top hotels in Singapore are the sources of great inspiration for you when it comes to business oriented works.  At the same time they are equally great for recreation and relaxation.  You have swimming pools, spa, games facilities for indoor and outdoor games, gyms for work out and a number of other avenues to relax your over burdened mind and body.

These hotels also provide you with a unique blend of the modern and traditional. You will find a judicious yet very attractive mixture of modern and traditional architecture together with sophistication. If you are a lover of the past heritage, you can also find colonial luxuries in a few places like the Raffles or the Fullerton hotels. The styles are exemplary and the cuisine is delicious.

Great hospitality is a great influence

Wherever you might be staying in Singapore, either in the luxury hotels in Singapore or in some of the budget or economy hotels you will never find scope to complain about the hospitality in these hotels.  The services are one of the best in the world and the food is special not found in many places across the globe.

Getting the taste of local life while staying in a Singapore hotels can make your experience a special treat of your life.  The experience will certainly be unforgettable in your life. The best thing about the hotels in Singapore is that they try to match all your requirements with utmost sincerity and you feel as if you are in a home away from your home.

The author is presently working as the Communication Executive in a leading international firm.  With his vast knowledge about the hotels in Singapore he has been writing regular columns on Singapore hotel in many travel and tourism magazines.  Currently he is also the advisor of the local tourism department’s East Asia Travel and Tourism branch.


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