How to Get Whatever You Need for Free

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In today’s internet age, it’s easier than ever to find free products and offers.  When financial times are hard, a little time spent on the internet can be extremely valuable.  There are a few easy places to start.


Freecycle is a valuable web service available to anyone wishing to either give or receive things for free.  All you have to do is visit the web site and sign up for an account.  You will be directed to a freecycle group in your area.  Log in to view offers and others who are searching for items.  You can list both items you need and items you are willing to part  with.  Freecylce users have given away everything from a new pair of shoes to a whirlpool tubs.  You can configure your account so that new items listed are sent directly to your email box.


Craigslist is also a community based web service.  When you visit, you can click on a link to craigslist users in your city.  Once you arrive at the correct site, you can click on the barter category.  Many craigslist users love to barter and almost everyone has a skill or an item that someone else is looking for.  If you know how to do plumbing, massage therapy, carpentry work or even cooking, there are people out there who are willing to exchange items for your skills.

Product Websites

Companies often offer promotional items in order to drive customers to their websites.  Visit their websites for products that you need or want and look around to see if they offer any free samples. Sometimes you can fill out a brief survey for the website and receive samples in return.

Wal Mart

Wal is a great place to look for free products.  All you have to do is visit the free samples section of their website and browse through the offers.  Offers change several times a month, so you can often find many things that you are looking for simply by checking the website regularly.  Offers are usually for beauty products, arts and craft products and food related items.

Google It!

Doing a simple search for free stuff online can bring you to dozens of websites that have free offers.  Be wary of websites that require you to complete several pages of information in order to get products.  Most of these type websites are scams.  Look for articles that offer reputable websites for free items.  There are many good blogs that give readers quality information on where to get free offers.


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