Swine Flu – Spreading like fire and everybody’s helpless

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Certainly no one wanted it, but as they say, whatever is destined to happen happens. The latest misfortune to the world has come in the form of Swine Flu. The flu is gaining momentum worldwide, with reports coming in of it spreading to the Asian countries too. The world-wide count is now pegged at 450 with many Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore reporting fresh cases of the dreaded disease.

Thanks to the better logistics and shrinking of the world, the flu is spreading itself all over the world. Perhaps, this is the irony of life. Everything has a pro and a con and better gloabalisation has helped spread the pandemic. Steps are being taken by each country to contain the spreading of the flu and also quaratining each suspect right at the airport or the dock.

The world economy, which is trying to revive itself from the economic slowdown, certainly did not want such a debacle which is sure to dampen the revival. With nations like Mexico shutting down for 5 days will cripple its economy, not less would be its impact on other nations which will have a trickle down effect. Such an event has come in the way of economic revival and I hope that it doesn’t bring back the world economies into the lows of 2008. The unemployment concerns are still not over and such a thing to happen is really concerning.

We all need to pray and take steps at the same time to contain this pandemic and ensure that everybody acts in the global interest. Try and eradicate this epidemic and bring the world again to the glorius heights seen in the start of 2008.


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