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Okay we all love or have heard of eBay right? Well more sites are jumping the bandwagon called online marketplace. Having a skill to sell, is not child’s play anymore. There are so many more sites other than eBay. I am not downing eBay I sell there as well but alternatives are a plus when fees are getting higher everyday. For the pat week or so I have been searching online for sites that have a marketplace theme.

One that I found was called blujay.com. Here is the link to the site http://www.blujay.com I do not know a whole lot but I guess you can sell for free on the site which is a plus for people new to selling online. The other site that has a lot of vistors everday is craigslist. Free to sell and post for jobs, gigs, and items to sell. The site is more of like a newspaper that let’s you post for free. Although in some cities in the USA they do charge for apartment listings. These are just a few sites that I thought I could share in this article.

Thanks for viewing my article and come back later to see what else I can share with you. If you would like to join Bukisa under me go to my profile and you will see where you can. Thanks for reading and good luck surfing online and learning something new, anyday everday. To me everday online is a chance for me to be my own boss and I am loving it, why shouldn’t you?

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