Am I Lone Indian Here?

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This is so forthcoming. This is fabulous.

Indian I am but I am not lonely. Amongst you all. Flippant it may sound but it is rightly so.

As because we are basically loners one and all, we always fear from the freedom of loneliness. Loneliless as such is our genetical disorder and it has become a cult disease of sorts in this modern world, it is modern man’s malady.

And selfishness rules the roost.

When we are selfish, we do not give a damn care to looking beyond our selves.

And looking beyond our selves is an ecological paradigm. Ecologically speaking, we all have a bearing on others as if we are one and all. We all are equally and fairly blessed by Gaia. There is a single umbilical chord that binds us togrther giving a symphonic voice of togetherness. A biological symbiosis? Maybe or maybe not. And selfish we are and selfish we are not – this dichotomy remains.

When we are selfish, we are torn apart like particles thrown into a vortex of unpredictability breezing past one another without knowing and caring for one another. One and only one by oneself – sizzling in pains and pleasures all by himself, no one to share and no one to commute. So, one is lonely mind and lonely hand when one drags oneself not beyond one’s self. And one is sufficed to die a lonely death out of sheer loneliness.

Are we Sefish Genes?

Are we genetically ordained to be selfish?

No, in no way. It is the social matrix that makes us so. It makes us and mars us. The bone of contention lies here. But we are the ones who can make all the difference. So, let us join hands together to fill the yawning chasm between ourselves by looking beyond ourselves.

And I rest assured that that we are not Selfish Genes and I begin to feel fine amongst you even after renouncing my old world of known faces. You are no more stranger to me as I slowly but steadily get to know your faces, the faces that I cherish to love more and more.

And now I hope to understand you are a wonderful community to stay tuned to.

Hey presto! My loneliness is gone!


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