When the media is biased !

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression and the two basic fundamental rights over which a lot of hue and cry has been raised. It is most often the media which raises such a voice. Well i strongly believe that the merits of media strongly over power its fallacies. But what i am writing in this article is about one of those fallacies. A neutral media is essential for the growth and development of the society in a healthy manner. Well i feel that a biased media is destructive in the long run.

Media helps in the formation of opinion. When it is under the influence of some powerful person or under the influence of a particular community then it those people influence the media to make opinion according to their wishes and needs. Well not every wish is made up of milk and honey. But the problem arises when these wishes turn wild and evil. There are times when you see some things happening but when read the event in the newspaper or view in the television then you see sometimes that there is a complete distortion of the facts. When the matters end at that place then you can feel or make yourself feel that this may be a mistake on the part of the journalist. But there are other things that happen. Sometimes you see that the event gets analysed. And during the process of going through the analysis you see that it is made in order to air a particular cause. When such a thing happens then its impact heavy. Many people make opinion on wrong beliefs. In such a case the evil motives win. This harms many innocent people and at the same time damaging the society.

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