May Day Demanding Better Working Conditions

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May Day is globally known as Labour Day or international worker’s day. In the labour movement the day is celebrated as achievements of social and economic. This day, in all over world workers and employees arrange various meetings and rally to remember glorious history of working class. The holiday first popularized by Soviet Union as an international workers day. Eight hours in a day as working hours is the achievement of this day. The day shows the political right to spread worker’s voice.

On this day in Taipei, Taiwan thousands of workers rally together in liberty squire to show the dignity of labour. They celebrated the day as an internal Labour Day by their own culture for the working class achievements.

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia thousands of factory workers march on the street with demand of better working conditions and to enhance minimum wage by large posters.

In Kochi rally, large number of people participates with trade unions on the international worker’s day. On this occasion all the trade unions and independent parties remember the glory of the 1 May.

1 May is nothing but a history which tells the story of worker’s to fight for better working conditions. The day gives the voice to fight against unemployment, wage labour and worse working conditions.

1 May is the day of revolutionary act. Thousands of workers and trade unions across the world fought for the day. The fight had been started against long hours working, worse working conditions, child labour and exploitation of wage. All the fight lead to the better working conditions, 8 hours working days, 6 days working (some where 5 days working), minimum wage etc.

The glory of the day today working class, trade unions and independent parties are celebrating across the world to show the power of workers. In the capitalist-imperialist age to fight against unemployment and inferior working conditions it is necessary to show the power of working class to the imperialist world.

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