Build a Sand and Water Play Area for Kids

Kids love to play in both water and sand.  Trips to the beach or playground can thrill them, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy.  Satisfy your kid’s desire for creative play by building a sand and water play area in your own backyard.

Sand and Water Play Area – Materials Needed

The frame for the water and sand play area for kids can be made with four by four inch wooden posts.  You will need seven of these that are six feet long.  One by six inch boards are also needed.  You also need flat metal brackets and right angle metal brackets with screws, a staple gun with large staples, and three inch nails.  To hold the water and sand in place, purchase two tarps or heavy plastic sheeting that are at least six feet square.  An electric saw, hammer, measuring tape, and sandpaper are also needed.

Sand and Water Play Area – Construction

Choose a flat location in your backyard for the sand and water play area.  You can build it directly on the grass if you wish and the grass will die out under it, or you can clear the area first.

Cut two of the four-by-four wooden posts in half so they are three feet long.  Lay out two of these with two of the six foot long pieces to make a long rectangular shape.  Use four right angle brackets and screws to attach these to each other at the corners.  

Place another layer of the same shape on top of this structure and repeat the process with another four corner brackets.  Then use  flat metal pieces and screws to attach the top rectangle to the bottom one.

Measure to the middle of this rectangluar shape and put two more four by four inch wooden posts pieces there to separate the large rectangle into two smaller pieces.  Use similar bracketing technique to attach them.

The next step in buildilng a sand and water play area for kids is to insert the heavy tarps or liners into each side.  Lay the liner carefully in the bottom, pressing it into the corners and flat onto the side of the wooden box.  Use the staple gun to attach the tarp to the walls of the play and sand area.  Fold the corners so they are neat and not lumpy and staple the tarp onto the top of the four by four posts securely.

Cut the one by six inch boards so they fit on the top of the sand and play area walls and nail them in position.  These will provide a place for your kids to sit or lean comfortably while they are playing in the sand or water.  The final step is to fill the tarp areas with sand and water and let the kids loose to have lots of fun.

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