Coal and alternative energy …..The Best Solution !!!

Sustainable development and energy use Replacing an important role to improve environmental performance The future of energy production. There are, however, a series of practical and cost of disability clearly the growth estimates Energy exchange. Energy can not or can be estimated, the means that only the equivalent energy a specific location. Wind energy, for example, according whether and to what extent and wind the wind is not the best is usually more than one third Time. Many forms of biomass Seasonal and hard to be. Electricity is charcoal can help growth of energy Balance of power in the ration. Coal and electricity can be a convenient cheaper alternative energy can be used at the tip. Savings and efficiency of biomass energy can also the power to inspire The use of coal. Meanwhile, clean coal technology to improve The environmental impact of the steam engine, Role as a source of energy that is affordable and available, the environmental benefits more support in developing The energy to be replaced.

EIA : Environmental impact of energy

Our problem is for us all. Limit negative impacts of coal production and is a priority for industry Coal, and is a research center, Development and investment. Many reached and the technology has developed many is used to determine particulate emissions Well, NOx and SOx and elements of the investigation. Increase efficiency of coal is also reached in reduce Emissions of carbon dioxide. Using Technology more to improve the environmental performance of the rock ‘s coal is important, especially in Developing countries where the use of stone determined for the charcoal sharp. Innovation and technical progress, such as carbon . The capture and storage, offers a variety of perspectives The future for reducing CO2 emissions the use of coal in the future.

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