Writing Your Memoirs

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When putting your memories on paper, it is best to remember that they are your memories not someone else’s.  Of course the rules of writing still apply; however, they do have to be made interesting tidbits like other writings do.

Remember that they are your memories, so letting other family members have a sneak peek probably isn’t a good idea.  The way they things happening will likely be differently than the way you remember them; therefore the stories would read differently if they were writing them.  They may want to correct what you say about a certain person or event, and the way that the other person remembers it might be the way that it actually took place or how the person actually lived his/her life.  That doesn’t matter as long as you are writing it the way you remember things.

Remember if your Mom or Dad were writing their Memoirs, you would have no right to say anything about theirs  or even get a peek at them just as they have no right to peek at yours now or make suggestions about anything to say about any of them.  If they were writing theirs, no doubt the stories would read completely different even if they were about the very same events and people.  Your main responsibility and requirement is to be honest about what you remember and don’t sugar coat anything.  You also shouldn’t be overly harsh unless your believe it to be true and is the way you really remember it happening.


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