How to make a website for free

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Have you got something that you want to show off or you want to start your own website business? There are numerous free website builders on the internet that will lend you a hand. Here a few of them and how they work.

1-  This site requires you to have no technical skills at all.  Once you sign up and  confirm your email address, you can start building. This free website building service is even featured in the wall street journal.

2- This site has a free trial offer and then if you like using their service, you can pay a small monthly fee to keep using them. consists of choosing a design,customizing it and publishing it.

3- This company offers you the opportunity to build a free website and a free blog. They have dozens of designs to choose from and free domain hosting.

5-  Here you can make a free website designed for personal use or groups or businessm use.

Having a free website to work with is a great way to show your pics and life stories or a great way to kick off a home based business. Most all of these websites already have template designs to choose from and you dont have to have any technical skills to get started or use the site. Just sign up and confirm and follow the easy to use directions to creating your free website. At the most, some of these sites will host ads on your sites but that is a small price for having your own website to do whatever it is that you want with it.


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