How to Survive a Layoff

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You need to take some time. You may be feeling shock right now. You have the right to be angry. You may miss you coworkers. How long it will take to get over this is up to you. And I know money is going to be your biggest worry.

First thing you do is sign up for unemployment benefits and insurance if possible. Call your local office and ask how to file. Everywhere is different. How much money you receive, depends on how much money you earned wile working and how long you worked. Figure your bills. Hopefully you have savings if money is going to be tight.

Immediately reduce spending. Stay away form restaurants, stores, & credit cards. Plan to eat at home.
Possibly get another supplement job. Change your lifestyle. Collect old debts. There are different ways to get cash or save money. Call you creditors and have your balances reduced or payments lowered. Counseling is always available.

You may want to consider a new line of work. Think of all you can do and what you know. Look into possibilities. You have to weigh the pros an cons.

Write an excellent resume. It represents you. It is you. Mail it, email it and post it online. Get it out any way you can. Make sure it has a heading, objective, your education, work experience, accomplishments and anything personal you want to add. Most of all keep it simple.

Continue to work the internet, friends and family, newspapers, anything that may get you into another door.

Don’t give up!


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