Grooming A Poodle

A poodle is a wonderful dog. However you want your poodle to always be looking it’s best. To achieve that you need to groom your poodle. Now you could take it to a professional groomer, but grooming a poodle is actually something you can do yourself. Follow the tips below and your poodle will look great.

Firstly you want to bath your poodle. The bath should be room-temperature water in either a bathtub or large plastic tub. Make sure you use dog shampoo. Dry him off with a towel and hair dryer. Brush the poodle’s coat and comb the hair.

You need to clip your poodle. A No. 10 head can be used on the clippers or, alternatively, a pair of sheered scissors. Make sure the top portion does not extend over the eyes. On the sides, hair can be full over the ears.

You need to trim the dog’s muzzle. Start with the lower eyelids and then move down past the front of the nose and right before the poodle’s throat. The lower portion of a poodle’s muzzle has to be trimmed in a straight line.

Do the above well and your poodle will always be looking at it’s best. I am sure your poodle will love you for it. How regularly you do the above is up to you but it will be pretty obvious when your poodle needs to be groomed. Generally this will be pretty regularly. Probably more often than when you go to the hairdresser yourself.

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