How To Catch Water From The Downspout

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How To Catch Water From The Downspout

Are you looking for a way to conserve water? Rainwater is free and during this time of the year, there is plenty to be had. This article will outline a few ways to modify your rain gutter’s downspout to catch some of the water. It’s easy being green!

Step One

The most effective way to do this is by cutting the downspout at the proper height to empty directly into your tank. First measure the height of your tank and add 2-3 inches to account for the bent downspout.

Step Two

Fit a screen to the top of your tank to filter out any debris in the rainwater that might travel down the downspout.

Step Three

Detach the downspout from the wall by removing the clamp using a claw hammer or crowbar. Be very careful not to bend or break this, since it can be used again. If you do break it, go buy another one. It needs to be on there for the downspout to be secure.

Step Four

Saw the downspout at the height measured in step one. Reattach the bent downspout opening. Place the tank in the position that’s best for it to catch the rainwater. If the ground underneath it is not level, dig the ground level and install a large patio tile.

Step Five

Another method is to remove the clamp that holds the downspout to the wall and slide the tank up between the downspout and the wall. Keep in mind that if you choose this method, you are fighting against gravity. If you get a very heavy rainstorm, you run the risk of filling up the downspout with rainwater and backing it up into the gutters. Another downside to this is that there is no way of filtering out debris that travels down the downspout.


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